WHAT HAPPENED TO GHOODGIRL? Ghood Girl is still a clothing brand, now we’re just making that more clear. The strength and symbolism behind the brand has so much meaning that we could no longer house the name under a variety of different styles, a multitude of products AND as a retailing distributor. Ghood Girl is more than stylish, on trend pop culture statements. It breeds a culture for women of color that are unapolagetically aware of how badass they are.


WHAT THE F%#@ IS ‘THE GHOOD KIND’? The Ghood Kind is now the parent brand behind our private clothing labels Ghood Girl and Ghood Guy. We’re a fashion retailer with in-house fashion labels. This was an inevitable move for us because simply put: our mission and vision statements can’t and shouldn’t be made exclusive to one gender. We want to build a culture that sees fashion and consumption as a means for actionable change, and a culture includes people, . . . all people.


SO DO YOU STILL STAND FOR THE SAME S@%#? Yes, we still stand for the same… VALUES. Even moreso now. The Ghood Kind is inclusive of both men and women and serves to be a leader in building a culture, around changing the culture. With a brand new name (supported by our founding brand) we can expand into limitless possibilities to make those changes.



We’re always talking about breaking the mold and not accepting the status quo and change, etc. etc. Well, our kickass designer captured that with our new logo. Our custom (and copyrighted) typeface is bold and in-your-face, unapologetic just like our message. The unfinished box surrounding the logotype represents, almost literally, that you can’t put us into a box; the same things we preach to our loyal customers, that they are more than what society and media labels them to be.





COOL, SO WHAT ALL DO YOU OFFER? We offer fashion and pop culture items curated and geared towards everyday streetwear, including our private labels Ghood Girl and Ghood Guy.. Stay tuned for new merchandise releases phone cases to home accent pillows coming soon!


WHERE ALL CAN I FIND THE GHOOD KIND PRODUCTS? The Ghood Kind retails all merchandise exclusively online.


WHERE ALL CAN I PURCHASE GHOODGIRL AND GHOODGUY CLOTHING? Our private clothing labels are exclusively available at theghoodkind.com ONLY. We do not retail to any online stores or store front locations. So, if you come across some Ghood Girl or Ghood Guy threads and it’s not from this site, #issafake. If you come across a vendor selling Ghood Girl and Ghood Guy and the event hasn’t been officially stamped by us, #issafake.


SO IF THE GHOOD KIND IS A FASHION RETAILER, HOW CAN I GET MY BRAND/PRODUCTS SOLD ON YOUR SITE? Click here to learn how you can partner with The Ghood Kind.