What We Do

The Ghood Kind is an online fashion retailer for everyday streetwear. We house our exclusive fashion brands Ghood Girl and Ghood Guy. By providing you with unique fashion and apparel items, you provide us the opportunity to fund unique and creative projects that address social issues.

How We Do

For every item sold at The Ghood Kind, we take a portion of the profits to use towards promoting our company initiatives. Our company initiatives focus on key or core values that guide acceptance and ownership of each individual embracing and celebrating their true, authentic selves.

Why We Do

Here at The Ghood Kind, we believe that fashion is a reflection of social and cultural values. Because we believe this, we feel that fashion is a powerful vehicle that can be used for social change. For the majority of the world, businesses operate with an end goal to push product to customers. Our aim is to promote initiatives that aid our customers; to embrace what makes them unique, and accept the unique differences of others. In this way, we increase the value of life and social climate of our customers.

Our Motto

Do ghood.